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Providing you with the knowledge to manage your company’s energy needs in the Mid Atlantic. Customers have saved over $40 million dollars with Mitchell Energy since 2006. Here is how we can help your company:

Energy Procurement - We use the strength of aggregation to help obtain the best price. We help you find the supplier, product and terms to meet your needs while managing the RFP process to ensure the contract is fair and the final product best fits your budget. We even provide our clients with residential advice as part of our service as we all like to reduce our costs at home.
Demand Side Management – We show you how best to manage demand in the regulated market. Also, unlike other companies, we make sure you keep 100% of the savings for your efforts.
Bill Review and Rate Analysis – We analyze your bills to make sure they are correct and your facility is on the optimum rate. When errors are found, we help you recover the lost dollars.
Energy Efficiency Services - We help you determine what areas and what technologies offer the best paybacks for lighting, energy management and heating and air conditioning. If there are energy efficiency rebates available, we help you find them.
Protection from Fraudulent Practices – Is a vender offering you something that sounds too good to be true? We investigate the offer and/or device to make sure the claims are accurate.
Green Energy – Is solar or wind energy a good fit for your business? We help you determine if green energy is right for your business.
Information on Market Changes - We keep you informed on changes in regulations, energy price volatility and new devices, like smart meters, that can impact your business.

Owner, David Mitchell has over 30 years of experience in the energy industry including:

Six years as the Director of Mid- Atlantic sales for the country’s largest commercial/industrial competitive energy supplier.

Eight years as head of a major Mid- Atlantic utility’s commercial & industrial department where he developed and implemented demand side and energy efficiency rebate programs.

Certified Energy Manager

MBA – University of Delaware

BS - Mechanical Engineering
Virginia Tech

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